Tim Rose: Downloads for Charity   Photo: Tim and me

Here's a special treat for fans. There are some tracks by Tim Rose that simply cannot be obtained on CD and probably never will be available. Some were tracks from singles that didn't appear on an LP, while others are from the Unfinished Song album that is not on CD and is only available on LP if you have three hundred dollars to spend at Gemm. A conversation with Tim suggested that he had the rights to that album, which was stolen from him. He told me that he intended to use the copy I gave him to put it onto CD for sale to fans at gigs.

With that in mind, here's my plan. Below are several audio file titles that you can download to your computer. Once you have done so, I would be grateful if you would make a donation for whatever you have downloaded. To do this, please click on the Honesty Box, which will take you to a page I have set up on the Just Giving website. Each track will cost 65p (or $1), with the proceeds (donation minus Just Giving's fees) going to Tim's favourite charity - the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) - in Tim's name.

Previously, I set this up as a payment through PayPal, until I discovered that they took 22p from a 65p donation as their fees. Just Giving takes only 5%, which is a lot fairer. Already, there are donations totalling over 25 through fans' generosity.

Note: the tracks below are taken from vinyl and converted to MP3. They contain the inevitable clicks and crackles that are typical of vinyl recordings, although these are minimal. That said, this is an ideal opportunity to acquire music that is otherwise unobtainable. To download, right click on a title and select the option Save Target As... or Save Link As.... Please use the Honesty Box - it's for Tim's favourite charity.

I plan to add further tracks to this set if there is sufficient demand. I have a number of tracks that were recorded from radio sessions for the BBC. If people want these, please let me know and I'll process them, again as downloadable tracks available in exchange for a small charity donation.

Outrageous Mary

Little Girl

Empty People

Long Haired Boy

I Guess It's Over

65p ($1) donation per track


Unfinished Song

Where Is the Good Life

Hello Sunshine

Honesty Box

Just Giving - Songsinger page

  The Day I Spent With You

Mine For a Night

I'm Bringing it Home

Mother, Father, Where Are You

Looking at a Baby

Proceeds to NSPCC


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