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This page will lead you on to a selection of other pages, each with an interview with Tim conducted during the period when he moved back to the UK.

Click on the link below to go to that interview and either use your back button or the link at the foot of each page to return to this page.

The author of Bad Seed, the biography of Nick Cave discusses with Tim the collaboration that took place with Cave and Tim's approach to songwriting.

This interview explores Tim's thoughts on performing live in the sixties and thirty years on before looking at each of the albums he has made.

This interview looks at Tim's early involvement in music, his successes in the sixties, some newer projects and musical interests.

Where Are They Now & short interview around release of Haunted.

In addition to the interviews listed above, there are a number of short published articles and clippings and an interview specifically for this website. These are shown in the links below.


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