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You may be lucky enough to own some items of memorabilia that cannot be tangibly valued. Alternatively, you may have records in your collection that other people would pay to have. The Music Master Price Guide for Record Collectors and its follow-up, the Penguin Price Guide for Record & CD Collectors have a number of records listed by Tim Hardin that are considered worth collecting. These are listed below, along with the price they are likely to sell at (in UK Pounds Sterling). The present exchange rate is approximately 1 = $1.60. The prices given are for vinyl albums in exceptionally good condition. Used second-hand albums ought to cost less, depending on supply & demand. In the last column, I've given the price these items are selling for on Gemm (see below for link). Some of these prices are extraordinary and should not be taken seriously. I haven't listed CDs as they are largely still available.


Hang On to a Dream 7" Verve VS1504 1966 4 14
Lady Came from Baltimore 7" Verve VS1511 1967 4 8 - 21
Don't Make Promises 7" Verve VS1516 1968 4 3 - 16
Simple Song of Freedom 7" CBS 4441 1969 4 2 - 40
Tim Hardin1 LP Verve 5018 1966 15 60 - 180
This is Tim Hardin LP Atco 588082 1967 20 7 - 190
Tim Hardin 2 LP Verve 6002 1967 15 7 - 216
Tim Hardin 3 - Live in Concert LP Verve 6010 1968 15 4 - 48
Tim Hardin 4 LP Verve 6016 1969 15 4 - 237
Suite for Susan Moore & Damion LP CBS 63571 1970 20 3 - 51
Bird On a Wire LP CBS 64335 1970 10 5 - 34
Painted Head LP CBS 65209 1973 12 4 - 110
Archetypes (US only) LP MGM 4952 1973 12 6 - 47
Tim Hardin1 & 2 (double) LP Verve 2683048 1974 15 17
Nine LP GM 1004 1974 12 6 - 63
Unforgiven LP SFS 10810 1980 n/a 68

Please note that I am not an expert in record values and there is no point in e-mailing me to ask what the value is of an old 78 you found in your grandmother's attic or an Elvis picture disc that you've had since the 70s. The answer is: I don't know. If you want this information, go to a dealer, buy one of the above-named books or see if your valued possession is on sale at Gemm (see below).

I have listed The Unforgiven, which is available second hand, but can cost from 50 to 100. There were only 5000 copies made of the original and each was numbered. A mint condition copy is worth having as a collector's item, though not necessarily for the quality or the length of the recording. A new reprint version of it may be obtained for $24.95 (+ delivery) from Warrior Records at their website Last time I checked, though, it was out of stock.

The video made prior to his Eugene Homecoming Concert is available from AmeriCAM, 814 - 31 Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144. They can be contacted on 206.322.9437 or 1.800.451.3827.

If you are looking to obtain any albums by Tim, you might try your local record store for the CDs that have been re-released by Verve, Raven and Sony. The biggest range of new material on the web will be available from Amazon. If you click on the link to Amazon below, I get a small kick-back that goes towards the 230 a year it costs to run this website.

Alternatively, and have good websites and are reliable retailers with an interest in older material. Other retailers that might help are, and while if you are looking for a non-UK site, try or even as the biggest retailers.

For second hand albums (vinyl and CD), many people have managed to get lucky by bidding on, while the biggest collectives of second hand dealers are and I would also try:

Remember, you can get a full listing of all the albums released by Tim Hardin, either in vinyl format or CD by clicking on the Record Listing link below.

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