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While I hope I have offered a useful introduction to the work of Tim Hardin, there may be other aspects of his life and work that you are seeking. Below is a list of links to other sites that I am aware of that may be able to provide additional information.

There is now an excellent discussion board under the aegis of Yahoo Groups at This has to be a first port-of-call for all fans wanting to check out facts and chat to those with a similar interest in music.

Prior to that, a discussion board ran until 2006, but has now been discontinued. However, all the threads are still sitting, undisturbed, at It's worth going through this useful archive to garner people's thoughts on Tim.

If you wish to explore the views of like-minded fans of Tim Hardin, try contacting: and Jessica will get in touch with you.

Gracenote has an album search facility that allows you to get track listings for all Tim's CDs.

Softshoe Slim has an expansive site listing the albums recorded by thousands of music artists. He lists all Tim's available CDs. It's worth going to his home page, then exploring all the other wonderful artists he has researched.

Wilson & Alroy's Record Review site contains a scathing review of TH4, making the wrong assumption that it was a progression from his previous work, rather than a first demo, released years later to cash in on his fame. As a site, though, it has some fascinating and intelligent writing.

The Artist Direct website (formerly known as the Ultimate band List) has a pen-sketch by Richie Unterberger, lifted from the All Music Guide, album listings and sound clips from several songs.

The All Music Guide website has much in common with the Artist Direct one (above). Many of the listed songs have audio links.

And then there's the VH1 site, which seems to have much in common with the above. There are a few lyrics printed out too, though.

While i-Sound has attempted to list all the albums, it really is quite restricted in its details.

This fan website has some useful details & nice links. Sadly, the site compiler is anonymous.

There's a pithy biography on the site that lists all the people Tony Kingsbury has booked or worked with.

The Find-a-Grave website has photos of Tim's headstone.

The magazine, Mojo, has a Woodstock fortieth anniversary interview with Michael Lang - use the search facility to find it.

The Woodstock Wiki website has the Woodstock setlist (now copied onto the In Concert page) and some concert details.

And, of course, there's also Wikipedia, though there are some inevitable errors that need correcting.


Lyrics & Tabs    

A couple of songs that people have requested are shown below. However, for a large collection of Tim Hardin lyrics, you should try Adrie Meijer's outstanding website, now residing at

Hang on to a Dream

Gm F Eb D Cm F F

Gm F Eb D Cm D D

Eb F Gm Gm Eb F G G

(Each chord is played over 1 bar in waltz time (3/4).

First bar is silence, singing starts as F is played)


What can I say, she's walking away

From what we've seen.

What can I do, still loving you - it's all a dream.

How can we hang on to a dream?

How can it really be the way it seems?


What can I do, she's saying we're through

With how it was.

What will I try, I still don't see why

She says what she does.

How can we hang on to a dream?

How can it really be the way it seems?


Repeat first verse, but add at the end:

Eb F G

How can you hang on to a dream?


It'll Never Happen Again

I remember our first affair:

All the pain, always rain around my eyes.

It'll never happen again; it'll never happen again.


Every time I leave you alone

I remember the time I couldn't come home.

It'll never happen again; it'll never happen again.



Why can't you be where I want you to be?

Why can't you see you've got to change to love me?


I remember our first affair

All the pain, always rain around my eyes.

It'll never happen again; it'll never happen again.


Chords are Fmaj7 Cmaj7 throughout (two bars each)

except Em7 on "happen" and second line of bridge goes:

Cmaj7 G F G over

Why can't you see you've got to change to love me?


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