Source Acknowledgements  

For a lot of the details given in the biography of Tim Hardin, I made good use of the sleeve notes written by Colin Escott on two recent compilation CDs. I hope he doesn't mind. I am genuinely grateful for his immense knowledge and for his research efforts.

Many people have written to me and have consequently added to the information on this website. I am grateful to you all. Sharing information is what the Internet is all about, so if you want to add to the various thoughts & facts given in these pages, simply drop me an e-mail. I do try to reply and I occasionally collect relevant e-mails and use them to update the website. Apologies, also to those who have written to me, but whose emails were all lost when I moved home and my ISP deleted the entire website and all my stored emails. I will never use Demon again and I would advise anyone who needs a website to boycott Demon and its parent company, Thus.

Other sources are:

  • Music Central CD Rom (Microsoft, 1996)

  • NME Book of Rock (Star, 1973)

  • Encyclopędia of Rock 2 (Granada, 1977)

  • MC Strong's Great Rock Discography (Canongate, 1995)

  • Nick Hamlyn's Price Guide for Record Collectors (Music Master, 1992)

  • Nick Hamlyn's Penguin Price Guide for Record & CD Collectors (Penguin, 1997)

Fans of rock music are strongly recommended to obtain copies of these resources for any form of research - or even just for general interest.

And, of course, there are many websites, other than this one, that provide information. I have, from time to time, trawled these for additional snippets.

The fullest biography and critique of Tim Hardin

is in American Troubadours by Mark Brend

(available from Amazon). I would thoroughly

recommend this book for its examination of the work

of nine singer-songwriters of the 60s.


Another fine work with a chapter on Tim Hardin

is Tattooed on Their Tongues by Colin Escott,

the acknowledged expert on Tim Hardin.


In addition, Tim Hardin is mentioned in the

December 1999 and May 2001 editions of

Record Collector.

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