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I offer proofreading services in three distinct areas: websites, presentations and print materials. In addition, I can perform editorial and authoring services in these areas.

Proofreading will involve checking spelling and grammar. Spelling is an area where embarrassing mistakes can easily occur, particularly through over-dependence on spellchecking software. Misuse of words -e.g. confusing imply and infer - can also slip through easily, unless you have a competent person checking your work.

Worse, however, are the many grammatical errors that can ruin all your considered efforts. From misplaced apostrophes to hanging clauses, punctuation and grammar errors scream out at many readers, leading them to conclude that your company lacks the competence to present itself well.

And lastly, there is the problem where what you have said comes over differently from what you intended to say. This can be caused by something as simple as a comma being in the wrong place. It can also happen where you allow sentences to be longer or more convoluted than necessary.

Websites, blogs and emails

With websites, there can be faulty links or missing graphics. I will test each page on a site using both of the commonly used browsers, Windows Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. I will advise you if any aspects of the website are not DDA compliant.


If you have ever sat through a presentation where the PowerPoint slides were so poorly created that they were a distraction from the speaker, then you'll know how important it is to have your slides checked. It's incredible how many slide presentations are ruined through a lack of proofreading. All the work that has gone into getting facts and details right can be wasted through a misplaced apostrophe.

Printed items, including leaflets, booklets, letters and signage

Print materials can offer their own distinct problems. When you pass electronic copy to a printer, software differences can lead to changes in fonts and frame sizes. This, in turn, can result in the loss of words at the end of paragraphs.

Care must be taken in performing the final proof check. Printers will only take responsibility for the appearance of your work; checking your spelling and grammar does not come within their remit.

Your print materials can take several forms: promotional leaflets, press advertisements, notices, staff communications, generic letters to the public and content-specific letters to the public. I can proofread the first five of these types prior to publication. As for content-specific letters, I can proofread a sample number of these and subsequently provide staff training in the areas of grammar, coherence and the use of Plain English.

Editorial services go a step beyond proofreading, where I can offer suggestions on amending the content of your material to improve form or style. Given appropriate information, I can also draft material for letters, notices and advertisements.

Technical material, involving scientific or mathematical language, is not likely to faze me, as my degree is in that area.

I am happy to discuss any other tasks that you may wish to pass my way.