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Before setting up Proof-Ed, I worked in two jobs that involved doing all the things that my business now undertakes.

After graduating in 1974 from Glasgow University, I was employed for 33 years as a teacher at Blantyre High School, moving through the Guidance system to the post of Depute Head Teacher.

For much of my time there I was responsible for writing references and university reports on pupils. In my last ten years, I had to proofread every report written on pupils in my year groups, correcting the spelling and English of my teacher colleagues. Because of my skills, I was given the task of checking all written output from the school to parents.

In my final year, I was asked to coordinate the merger of two schools and this required the tactful and sensitive use of language in a situation where a number of people were unhappy with the events that were unfolding. Four newsletters, a website and a handbook raised no complaints, while providing much-needed factual information that took the heat out of an awkward situation.

My work on a website  mirrored my fifteen years of running websites to honour the work of five singer-songwriters. I have recently been working on redesigning these sites to keep them up-to-date, both in content and style.

Following my retirement, I worked for six months at Orkell Ltd, where I was an editor of online CPD. We provided training and distance learning for a variety of professions, including architects, lawyers, health managers and paramedics. A major aspect of my job was to take the work of technical authors and transform it into coherent and presentable online material.

The experiences gained from these two jobs encouraged me to go out on my own, offering my skills to businesses that will benefit from presenting themselves well to the public.