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Your website pages and printed materials say more about you than the words they contain: they tell the public about your attention to detail, your ability to communicate, your professionalism.

Errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar may cost you clients. Errors in consistency and poor use of language can cause confusion and misunderstanding, resulting in disputes and, possibly, legal action.

When you've been heavily involved in writing material for publication, it's very easy to miss mistakes, simply because you are too close to the material. You need someone who is independent and dispassionate to proofread your work.

Reliance on spellcheckers and grammar checkers on your computer can lead to complacency. Most computer software is produced in America and uses US English, so you may be persuaded towards incorrect spelling. Furthermore, a spellchecker will not correct homophones (e.g. there and their). Use the wrong one and you've created a mistake that your potential clients will spot.

In addition to proofreading and editorial services, I can offer facilities for drafting website and advertising material, providing copy that will be ready for publication.

The use of clear, plain English, grammatically correct and without spelling errors, will boost the quality of all material you publish and consequently boost your income.

I can help you to produce this quality.