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While I hope I have offered a useful introduction to the work of the Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, there may be other aspects of their life and work that you are seeking. Below is a list of links to other sites that I am aware of that may be able to provide additional information.

  • First of all, there's Gavin Sutherland's own site, where he quietly reflects on his life, past & present. So far as I know, Iain doesn't operate a website.

  • Then, there's the one run by Tim Renwick, where he adds little insights into his rock 'n' roll life, as well as the fan site that details his many appearances on vinyl and on stage.

  • And there's the one run by the Bucket Boys, featuring the current work of Tim Renwick & Willie Wilson.

  • The website dedicated to the Super Seventies has a nice review of the Dream Kid album.

  • On a single page, Alex Gitlin has a short summary of the group's career, culled from the Guinness Who's Who of Seventies Rock Music.

  • Another music fan has a site called An Overdose of Fingal Cocoa, where he writes about Dream Kid and the band in some detail.

  • The Forgotten Hits site gives a potted biography and looks back at one particular song, You've got Me Anyway.

  • If you want to learn to play Arms of Mary on guitar and need the tablature, Ultimate Guitar is the site for you.

  • The Discogs site has a - would you believe it - discography.

  • You get a chance to Rate Your Music by logging in and grading all your records, as well as seeing what others think of your favourites.

  • There are several articles by acclaimed critics such as John Pidgeon & Simon Frith for Let it Rock, Alan Bentock & Bud Scoppa for the Phonogram Record and Rob Partridge for Melody Maker, published in the Rock's Back Pages website. Unfortunately, it appears to be available only on payment of a hefty fee or subscription. If only I had kept all those back issues...

  • The Glory Daze website has a review of the Down to Earth album, written before it was issued on CD.

  • Any Given Tuesday is a fan website that looks at Slipstream and offers a comments section, where there's talk about the BBC live material.

  • There's a few lovely comments ("Just about the best chill-out album I've ever heard. A quiet masterpiece.") about Gavin's Diamonds & Gold CD (which you can also pay to download from the site) on CD Baby.

  • Softshoe Slim has an expansive site listing the albums recorded by thousands of music artists. He lists all the group's available CDs. It's worth going to his home page, then exploring all the other wonderful artists he has researched. [Note: two links above to separate URLs for band with & without Quiver. Oh, and that one for Quiver themselves!]

  • The Artist Direct website (formerly known as the Ultimate band List) has a pen-sketch by Greg Prato, lifted from the All Music Guide, album listings and sound clips from several songs.

  • The All Music Guide website has much in common with the Artist Direct one (above). Many of the listed songs have audio links.

  • And then there's the VH1 site, which seems to have much in common with the above. It's prettier, though. Oh, and the exact same stuff is on the MTV site too!

  • While i-Sound has nothing at all on the band, it does have a couple of audio tracks (in full) from Gavin's second album.

  • Of course, there's also Wikipedia for the Suths along with Quiver, though there are some inevitable errors that need correcting.

  • YouTube has a number of videos that, if I were to put them up on this site, they'd be illegal. Many of them are simply stills accompanying a recording of one of the band's songs. Nevertheless, I've put links to the actual performance videos from the YouTube site onto the Radio & TV pages of this site.


And, in case you didn't know, Sutherland Brothers are the Premier Delivered Wholesaler for the Scottish Highlands, but they're not related to the band of the same name, while the Kresley Cole Sutherland Brothers series consists of a couple of books in the romantic fiction mould. But they are about sailing!



Many people have written to me and have consequently augmented the information on this website. I am grateful to you all. Sharing information is what the Internet is all about, so if you want to add to the various thoughts & facts given in these pages, simply drop me an e-mail. I do try to reply and I occasionally collect relevant e-mails and use them to update the website.

Thanks, in particular go to Ray Shankland, Barrhead, Scotland, Greg Clark, Seattle USA, Alan Tomkinson, Birmingham, UK for contributions to the first version of the site, and to Tim Joseph, Steve Clough and Gordon McCall for the April 2000 re-edit. Subsequent help has come from Geoff Hunt, Steve Chapman, David McCulloch, Nigel Penberthy and Glyn Harries. Without their considerable help and advice, this site could not have existed in its present form. They are not to blame for the opinions, however, which are purely my own.

And, of course, thanks, also, to Gavin Sutherland, Tim Renwick & Willie Wilson for their kind comments and encouragement - as well as for the music!

Apologies, also to those who have written to me, but whose emails were all lost when I moved home and my ISP deleted the entire website and all my stored emails. I will never use Demon again and I would encourage anyone who needs a website to boycott Demon and its parent company, Thus.

Other sources are:

  • Music Central CD Rom (Microsoft, 1996)

  • NME Book of Rock (Star, 1973)

  • Q Magazine, issue 94, July 1994 (Where Are They Now?)

  • Assorted clippings & articles from the NME

  • Hot Wacks 12 (December 1976)

  • Disco 45 Songbook #67 (1976)

  • ZigZag #57 (October 1975)

Fans of rock music are strongly recommended to obtain copies of these resources for any form of research - or even just for general interest. And, of course, there are many websites, other than this one, that provide information. I have, from time to time, trawled these for additional snippets.

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