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The purpose of the following sets of pages is to look at a number of rock artists who appeared - when I started this site in 1996 - to have been forgotten on the Internet. At that time, I was unable to find any pages dedicated to them elsewhere, so I made up my own pages. Since then, other websites have opened up featuring some of the people mentioned. Links are included herein where I know of them.

Unfortunately, the full set of pages is currently unavailable. For thirteen years, I provided uninterrupted service on the web, offering considerable information in the form of biography, discography and a host of related data on these artists. In 2009, I moved home and my Internet Service Provider (Demon) saw fit to close my account and provide me with a temporary one, while internet access at my new house was established. When they returned me to my original account, they had wiped the entire website and claimed they were unable to reinstate it from their archive. They were completely unapologetic about this and their quality of customer service was so disgraceful as to drive me away from them after all those years of use.

Consequently, I am having to upload the site in its entirety again. I want to do this carefully and methodically, so it may be a few months before the task is completed. (So far, Tim Hardin, Tim Rose, the Sutherland Brothers & Quiver and David Ackles are complete.) Please keep returning to check on progress. Meanwhile, any purchases you make from Amazon by clicking on the links below will ease my costs of running the website (270 per year to Demon, significantly less to Be Broadband, my new providers). Thank you for your support.



Avoid Demon Internet Services


As with any website, it is a living document, subject to further development and amendment. Although I have spent my time writing about six artists (two pending), my tastes in music are eclectic and encompass many more people and styles. Most of these other artists already have websites and so a host of links is planned for the "interests" area which is still under construction. I also propose to provide links to other hobbies and interests in my life, such as travel, the media and American Football. This may take some time.

Please note that because I am based in the United Kingdom, all spellings are appropriate to the home-based version of the English language. My apologies to anyone for whom this causes offence (with a 'c', not an 's').


Brian Mathieson, Plymouth, UK.

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