Tim Rose: Album Cover Photos
Poster promoting the short film "Where Was I?" Cover photo from the CD "The Gambler" Photo: in the studio

Photo: Michael & Timothy

Photo: early performance

Photo: a younger Tim, with spaniel

Photo: more recent studio shot

Photo: Tim looking out of a window

Photo: Tim in 1967

The photo used on the front cover of the first album was also used on the poster for the film on Tim's life. The front cover of The Gambler. One of the pictures taken in this session was also used for the front cover of Unfinished Song
Photo: Tim in 2000 Photo taken by Trevor Neal, while posing for painting
The two photos above were taken by Trevor Neal during sittings for the painting commissioned by Tim for the front cover of his album American Son. The painting (at the foot of this page) was never used. Trevor has exhibited in a wide range of galleries within the UK and abroad. He is available for commissions and his work can be seen in better detail at: www.trevorneal.co.uk, where you can buy prints of this painting or (if you can give it a good home) the original.
Photo: an older Tim Photo: Tim being sketched by Trevor

A publicity shot of Tim taken by a record company

  Tim sitting for his portrait
The painting of Tim that was intended as the album cover for "American Son"

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