SB & Q: Photos From Promo Material

Island Records issued a number of publicity photos, intended to be used by the music press and any newspapers publishing articles on the band. I bought a set of these on eBay. The photographers are unknown and so are not credited. Anyone who is unhappy about beach of copyright should let me know & I'll remove the offending snaps. Allow your mouse to hover over a picture for a caption or details.



Peter Tim Willie
Willie, Gavin, Bruce, Tim, Iain & Peter
Tim, Peter, Bruce, Willie, Iain & Gavin Tim, Peter, Gavin, Willie, Bruce & Iain
Iain, Willie, Gavin & Tim
Gavin, Iain, Willie & Tim Peter, Willie, Iain, Tim & Gavin
Willie, Iain, Gavin Bruce, Tim & Peter refusing to have another photo taken
The band having a nice cup of tea.
The band's first combined gig was at the Marquee in London. Gavin & Iain dispute ownership of the guitar.


Gavin on guitar Gavin

Gavin & Iain

Tim, Peter, Bruce, Iain, Willie & Gavin


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